of Bingen on the Rhine, Germany and Maryland

Little research has been done to date on this branch of the family tree. Anna Margaret’s surname is listed as Kibler on the American Revolution Pension File of her husband, Jacob VanGilder, although it looks like someone printed a “G” over the “K” in Kibler in the file. Old family genealogical documents list Anna Margaret’s birthplace as Bingen on the Rhine in Germany. I have seen records of Kibler men from Maryland who served during the American Revolution.

Also of interest, is a Frederic Gibler, an early settler of Morgantown, (West) Virginia. In the "The Monongalia Story, Volume II," by Earl L. Core the author states on page 195,"The first two tanneries established in Morgantown were by Frederic Gibler and by John Stealey. Gibler's tannery was located on Lot 125, on the northwest corner of Front Street and Bumbo Lane......Gibler's tannery was doubtless in operation long before 1791, since he is listed as the first owner of the lot after the establishment of Morgan's Town in 1785." Frederic was part of the Monongalia County record into the early 1800’s.

While I was researching the “missing” John VanGilder who went west, I found in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, not only a John VanGilder, but also a Frederick Gibler! Both are listed as early tax payers when Missouri first became a state in 1821. It is also interesting that Jacob and Anna Margaret named a son, Frederick.

I think that Frederick Gibler is related to Anna Margaret. It is not unusual for surname to have various spellings. Perhaps the VanGilder family removed to Monongalia County because a relative, Frederick Gibler, was already settled in Morgantown.

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