of New York, New Jersey and Portage County, Ohio

Ezekiel Mott (Mote) was born about 1738 in England. To date, I have been unable to determine who his parents were. On April 30, 1761 he enlisted in the New York Provincial Troops with Captain Peter Harris’ Company from Dutchess County, New York. Records show that he was a young man of 23, was employed as a laborer, and that the was 5 feet 7 inches in height. This group of men fought with Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys. “In June, 1777, he enlisted in the State of New York in a company commanded by Captain Evans in Colonel Malcomb’s Regiment and before expiration of said service, was transferred to Colonel Spencer’s Regiment of the New York Line, that he continued to serve until the month of June, 1780 when he was discharged from service in Pumpton, New Jersey. That he was in the Battles of Trenton and Springfield and also at the Battle of Newton under General Sullivan.”

Before joining the Line, during the American Revolution, Ezekiel married and began to raise a family. His oldest son, Ezekiel, Jr., was born about 1769. While serving in the Army, Ezekiel’s wife died in Dutchess County, New York. Ezekiel returned to collect his five children and moved them down to New Jersey. Ezekiel continued to serve in the Revolutionary cause while moving southward.

While in New Jersey, Ezekiel married again to Jane McKelvey. The Mott’s removed to Jefferson County, Ohio in 1806 and finally to Deerfield Township, Portage County, Ohio in 1807. This gives them a classification of “Early Pioneer of Ohio”. Ezekiel applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1818 and received $8.00 per month for his service.

Ezekiel died in Deerfield Township in 1825. At the time of his death he had 30 acres of land, a log cabin in need of repair, and about $90.00 of worldly goods. He is buried in Deerfield Township, although the actual site has not been located. The Mott name was prominent in the township and there was at one time a railroad stop called Mott Town Station and there is presently a Mottown Cemetery and Mottown Road.

Known children of Ezekiel Mott and Wives

  1. EZEKIEL MOTT, JR., born about 1769 in Dutchess County, New York d. September 18, 1828 in Portage County, Ohio married MARY.
  2. Elijah Mott, born July 23, 1773 d. October 12, 1841 in Deerfield Township, Portage County, Ohio married Annie Rose about 1795 in Pennsylvania. Both are buried in the Mottown Cemetery.

There are other children, but none are identified

Family research is never done alone. Thank you to Jeanne Hough and Diane Stober who have shared their Mott information with me.

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