Morgantown, West Virginia

George Ethelbert VanGilder, son of John Oliphant and Mary Louise Hill VanGilder, was born in the Morgantown, West Virginia area on January 27, 1861. Records indicate that George was employed as a teacher during the 1880's in the Woodland School #2, north of Morgantown. The signatures found in his autograph album are those of students, relatives, and personal friends.

The original autograph book is in the possession of Karen Roolf Schaller, great granddaughter, who made a number of the copies for this page. THANKS COUSIN!!! This is the oldest piece of memorabilia from our branch of the VanGilder family tree that has been found to date.

Cover of the Autograph Album

Page 2

Family Members Who Signed the Autograph Book

  1. Mary Louise Hill VanGilder: George's Mother

  2. Robert Ross VanGilder: George's brother

  3. Bettie Levada VanGilder: George's sister

  4. Emma Leona VanGilder: George's sister

  5. Mary Frances VanGilder: George's sister

  6. Lena Gertrude VanGilder: George's sister

  7. Lida Edna VanGilder: George's sister

  8. Sallie Ellsworth Vangilder Boyd: George's sister

  9. Jessie Pool (Poole): George's student, cousin and soon to be George's wife!

  10. Sophia Hill: George's aunt

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