of Germany and West Hartlepool, England

Frederick Heindrich Adolph Weiss, who was born circa 1826 in Mecklenburg, Germany married Ferdinande Lehman, who was born circa 1827 in Hanover, Germany. The wedding took place in Germany and is estimated to have been about 1852.

The first record of the Weiss family in England is the 1861 United Kingdom census report. They were residing at 3 John Street within the Ecclesiastical District of Christ Church. Two children are listed; Adolph W. age 8 years and 6 months and his sister, Ferdinand age 18 months. Frederick was employed as a dock laborer and from the birth places of the children, the Weiss’ immigrated to England sometime between 1859-1861.

Frederick Weiss age forty seven, died on November 27, 1870 at his home on Victoria Terrace, West Hartlepool, England. The death certificate lists the cause of death a broncho-pneumonia. His occupation was brokers clerk. When his daughter, Ferdinande, married Christian Olesen in 1874, she listed her father’s occupation as a banker. The death certificate does not list burial place; however, according to genealogy experts in Hartlepool, all deaths in the Stranton and West Hartlepool area before 1912 were buried in North Cemetery.

Following her husband’s death, Ferdinande remained in West Hartlepool and lived on Victoria Terrace at the east end of Church Street. Her two children, Adolph and Ferdinande were both at home. Adolph was an apprentice to an outfitter and Ferdinande was a dressmaker. The Widow Weiss ran a boarding house. Three Scandinavian men were boarders—one was Christian Olesen, who later married young Ferdinande.

In 1881, Ferdinande at age 54, moved to 10 Lower Reed Street, remaining in Stranton, not too far from the previous year’s flats. Both of her children have married and left home, but she is still running a lodging house. Ferdinande died at age sixty two on May 22, 1888. Place of death is listed as 20 South Scarbro Street, West Harlepool, England. Cause of death was dropsy. Her husband, Frederick Weiss' occupation on the death certificate is ships brokers clerk.

Children of Frederick Heindrich Adolph Weiss and Ferdinande Lehman:

  1. Adolphus H. (Hermann) W. Weiss, born about 1853 in Hamburg Germany, Adolph was listed as a drapers assistant on his marriage license. He married on September 19, 1876 at All Saints in Stranton, Mary Elizabeth Middlemass, daughter of George Middlemass. In 1881 the family was living at 1 Coronation Street, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England in 1881. Adolph was employed as a tailor. Only one child, William Ernest Weiss, born January, 1878 in Sunderland, Durham, England.

  2. FERDINANDE WEISS, born November 14, 1855 in Hamburg, Germany, died February 15, 1942 in Monaca, Pennsylvania married CHRISTIAN OLESEN on August 3, 1874 in West Hartlepool, England at Christ Church.

Transcribed from the South Durham Herald, a weekly newspaper by Grenville Davies.

03 December 1870 Weiss--at West Hartlepool on 27th ult, age 42 years, Mr F. H. A. Weiss, Victoria Place.

26 May 1888 Weiss--at 20 South Scarborough Street, Mrs Ferdinande Weiss (widow of Frederick Weiss, both of Hanover, Germany, age 61 years.

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A special thank you to Heather of Middlesbrough, England who has researched the Weiss roots through UK census reports and to members of the Cleveland Family History Society, Hartlepool, England who have transcribed the records from various Hartlepool churches. Also to Grenville Davies who continually emails me information he locates in newspapers and archives in Hartlepool, England. THANK YOU.

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