of Germany and Lorain, Ohio

Gustave Farschmin/Farschman was born on July 17, 1837 in Leibisholm Koeis, Thorn Region, Germany. His wife, Eva Hass, also of Germany was born in October, 1834. The family arrived in the port of New York on March 28, 1882 on the ship Vandalia. They had sailed from Germany to the United States by way of St. Thomas. Those family members listed are: Gustav, age 45 a laborer; Eva age 45 his wife; Maths age 16 a male child; Gustav, age 14 a male child; Emilie, age 8 a female child; Herrm, age 7 a male child; and August, age 5 a male child. According to August Farschmanís obituary, the family first settled in Grafton, Ohio in Lorain County before making their permanent home north in the town of Lorain, Ohio.

To date, no information has been found regarding Gustave Farschmin. He died on June 19, 1890 in Lorain, Ohio eight years after he settled in America. Although immigration records and Gustaveís tombstone show the surname was spelled Farschmin, sometime around 1900 family members changed it to Farschman.

Eva remained in Lorain, Ohio along with the majority of her children. Census reports indicate that she could read and write English, that she owned her home, and that both of her parents were also born in Germany. She was a charter member of St. Johnís Evangelical Church in Lorain for thirty-five years. On August 30, 1919, Eva was staying at her daughter Katie Farschman Ludtís home on 11th Street in Lorain when she mysteriously fell from an upstairs window and died of shock and heart failure at age eighty-five. Both Gustave and Eva are buried together in Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio, although the marker only lists Gustave.

Children of Gustave Farschmin and Eva Hass:

  1. Frederich Wilhelm Farschman born November 24, 1858 in West Prussia, Germany died January 13, 1922 in Lorain, Ohio married Wilhelmina Kolino.

  2. Mathilda Farschman born January 20, 1865 in Germany died May 11, 1927 in Lorain, Ohio married August Karl Ernst. "Tillie" and Carl lived in Lorain and are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio. Their children were:
    • Elsa Klara Emelie Ernst born 1887 died December 25, 1918 married Gustav Godhard. Their children were: Leonard Godhard b. 1915 in Lorain died 1916 in Lorain and Alvin Godhard born 1918 in Lorain died 1919 in Lorain, Ohio. Elsie Ernst Godhard is buried with her parents in Elmwood Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio.
    • August Ernst born 1889 in Lorain, Ohio died 1925 in Lorain, Ohio. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery along with is parents.
    • August Karl Ernst, Jr. born 1892 in Lorain, Ohio died 1893 in Lorain, Ohio. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio along with is parents.

  3. Gustave Julius Albert Farschman born 1867 in Germany died Ocotber 21, 1927 in Portland, Oregon married Caroline Unknown born 1872 in Germany. Their children were:
    • Caroline M.Farschman married unknown Kerbleski and Gordon M. Farr.
    • Rose Eva Farschman born May 24, 1895 in Oregon died December 25, 1991 in Portland, Oregon married John F. Groce.
    • Margaret Farschman born October 2, 1900 in Oregon died September 14, 1976 in Clark County, Washington.
    • Frieda Farschman born 1902 in Oregon died December 1985 in Portland, Oregon married Fritz Jacobson.
    • Henry Farschman born April 29, 1904 in Oregon died December 1971 in Santa Rose, California.

  4. Emilie Farschman born 1873 in Germany married on October 30, 1890 in Lorain, Ohio Gustave August Frey born 1868 in Germany. Their children were:
    • Bertha Frey born 1891 married Byard Truxell.
    • Russell Frey married Marion Unknown.
    • William Frey married Helen Unknown.
    • Helen Frey married James Bates.
    • Lucile Matilda Frey born april 24, 1900 in Lorain, Ohio died May 17, 1959 in Lorain, Ohio married on December 1, 1917 in Elyria, Ohio Elmer Lewis Maloney, Sr., born September 5, 1899 in Lorain, Ohio died October 26, 1958 in Lorian, Ohio.
    • Edward Richard Frey born February 10, 1902 died February 20, 1976 married Maude Hershey.
    • Carl Robert Frey born 1908 died 1988 married Mildred Louise Hellinger.

  5. Herman Farschman born 1874 in Germany married first, Lottie Lewis and second, Christine Unknown. With Lottie he had two children:
    • Clarence Frederick Farschman born December 17, 1893 in Cleveland, Ohio died February 11, 1983 in Milan, Ohio married on June 4, 1927 Grace Irene Hass born September 24, 1898 in New York and died July 6, 1989 in Sandusky, Ohio.
    • Howard Leoane Farschman born March 27, 1895 in Ohio died June 12, 1983 in Sandusky, Ohio married Jennie Unknown.
    Children with Christine Unknown were:
    • Eva Farschman born 1902 in California.
    • Philip Farschman born 1904 in California.

  6. AUGUST C. FARSCHMAN born January 11, 1875 in Germany died November 19, 1950 in Erie County, Ohio married AMANDA KUTZA.

  7. Katie Farschman born April 1882 in Ohio married H. William Ludt born December 1878 in Ohio. The Ludt's lived in Lorain, Ohio until about 1916 and then removed to California.

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