of Cumberland and Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, Jefferson County and Columbiana County, Ohio

According to Frederick family histories, Nicholas Frederick’s ancestors were German, and Nicholas, may have been born circa 1745 in Germany or Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. There is documentation that Nicholas served in the American Revolution as a private fifth class in the 5th Company, 4th Battalion of the Cumberland County Pennsylvania Militia under Captain John Hamilton. Nicholas married Catherine Unknown circa 1767 probably in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer and a cooper.

The earliest records of the family are in the counties of Cumberland, Perry, and Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Although the family may have moved during these early times, we suspect that they may have stayed in the same locale, but the boundaries of the counties changed. The earliest record of Nicholas Frederick is 1777 in Pfout’s Valley, Perry or Cumberland County, Pennsylvania where he is listed as a member of St. Michael’s Church. There is a listing for Nicholas Frederick in Cumberland County, Fermanagh Township as an inhabitant in 1778. In 1787, Nicholas is listed in a Cumberland County court case and he posted the bail. The following are tax records for Nicholas Frederick in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

  1. 1778 Fermanagh Township--2 horses and 1 cow
  2. 1779 Fermanagh Township--200 acres 2 horses and 2 cows
  3. 1780 Fermanagh Township--200 acres 2 horses and 2 cows
  4. 1782 Lack Township--3 horses and 4 cows
  5. 1785 Fermanagh Township--12 acres
  6. 1785 Lack Township--100 acres 1 horse and 2 cows

In a history book pertaining to Juniata, Perry, Mifflin, and Union Counties, Pennsylvania there is documentation that Nicholas Frederick owned acreage on Laurel Run. The land passed from William Campbell to Nicholas and on November 7, 1791 an order was issued to survey the 200 acres belonging to Nicholas Frederick. On April 28, 1796 the property was resurved and found to have only 195 acres. “In 1807, however, Frederick found, improved, and held 24 acres vacant land adjoining the creek and Nevil.” In Mifflin County, Tuskarora Valley, Pennsylvania there is a document dated December 22, 1790 in which Nicholas Frederick told the court that he had passed three bonds for land, but the owner has yet to make good on the purchase. The 1800 Pennsylvania Federal Census report for Mifflin County shows that Nicholas Frederick had five boys and two girls living in his home.

Nicholas Frederick purchased 529 acres of land in Fairfield Township, Section 6 in the northeast corner of Columbiana County, Ohio on July 23, 1806 from Rudolph and Barbara Blair. At the time of the land transaction, the Frederick family was living in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. It is unclear as to when the family began the journey to Ohio. Sons John and David and daughters Catherine and Susan all removed to Jefferson County, Ohio, lived within various townships, raised families and died there. A number of their descendants continued to live within the county. Nicholas Frederick has a 1820 census enumeration in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio. He is enumerated directly under Abraham Grafton, husband of his daughter Susan. Although the record is very difficult to read, it appears that only Nicholas and Catherine are living together and all of their children have left home.

Nicholas Frederick died in 1824. His will, dated January 27, 1824 and probated April 19, 1824 lists him as residing in Salem Township. The document asks that his, “wife shall have enough to support her and all the remainder of the estate shall be divided amongst my four sons and five daughters and that his daughter, Mary, shall have my Bible.” Sons Conrad and Joseph Frederick, residents of Columbiana County, Ohio, were the executors. Catherine Frederick, who was confined to her bed during her last two years, was cared for during this time by her son, Joseph Frederick. She died in 1829. Family history lists that both Nicholas and Catherine Frederick are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Washingtonville, Columbiana County, Ohio.

Children of Nicholas and Catherine Frederick:

  1. John Frederick born 1772 in Pennsylvania died about 1865 in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio married Margaret Arnold and perhaps Harriet Unknown.
  2. David Frederick born 1774 in Pennsylvania died 1869 in Jefferson County, Ohio married Frances Jacobs.
  3. Joseph Frederick born December 1, 1776 in Pennsylvania died 1849 in Columbiana County, Ohio married Mary Crubaugh.
  4. Catherine Frederick born 1777 in Pennsylvania died 1858 in Jefferson County, Ohio married Isiah Winters.
  5. CONRAD FREDERICK born 1778 in Pennsylvania died 1831 in Columbiana County, Ohio married ANN BROWN.
  6. Mary Ann Frederick born 1780 in Pennsylvania married Robert Adams.
  7. Polly Frederick born in Pennsylvania married John Starr.
  8. Jennie Frederick born in Pennsylvania married John Hamil
  9. Susan Frederick born in Pennsylvania died in Branch County, Michigan married Abraham Grafton.
  10. possibly a son, Nicholas Frederick born in Pennsylvania married Catherine Unknown.

Unlock the Frederick Treasure Chest!

Special thanks to Ted Frederick who supplied the old family records which linked my Frederick family to Nicholas and Catherine Frederick and to Barbara Burns and Chery Guirreri, fellow Frederick researchers who have collaborated with me on this effort.

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