of Pennsylvania and Jefferson County, Ohio

John Frederick, born in 1772 in Pennsylvania, son of Nicholas and Catherine Frederick, is listed as an early settler of Jefferson County, Ohio in “Jefferson County History,” published in 1910. Although I have not located a 1820 census report for John Frederick in Jefferson County, other Frederick family members were listed. John farmed in the Island Creek Township area of Jefferson County. He and Margaret Arnold were married in Pennsylvania about 1817 and census records indicate that their second child, Elizabeth, was born in Ohio in 1822. John filed a will and it is part of the Jefferson County, Ohio record in Will Book #6, 1859-1866. The will was made on June 27, 1863 and probated on May 30, 1865. The will lists the Frederick children, but oddly John’s wife is listed as Harriet. Either he remarried or Margaret was referred to as Harriet. John and Margaret Frederick are buried at Two Ridges United Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio. Also listed is a Sarah Frederick, who is unknown to me.

Known children of John Frederick and Margaret Arnold

  1. Catherine Frederick born 1818 in Pennsylvania married John C. Robertson on January 20, 1842 in Steubenville, Ohio. Their children were: Margaret Robertson born 1846, Letitia Robertson born 1847, Joseph J. Robertson born 1853, Elizabeth Robertson born 1857, and John F. Robertson born 1861. John was engaged in farming in Jefferson County, Ohio, but the family removed sometime after the 1860 census enumeration.

  2. Elizabeth Frederick born August 6, 1822 in Jefferson County, Ohio married William Clark, a farmer, on August 31, 1848 in Jefferson County, Ohio. William Clark lived his life in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio having been born there on February 26, 1825 and died there on December 1901. Their children were: Samuel W. Clark; John F. Clark born 1853; James Clark born August 9, 1856 married Mary A. Elson on September 1899; Margaret J. Clark born 1859 married Howard Cooper; and Mary Elizabeth Clark born 1863.

  3. Samuel A. Frederick married Amanda Rabe on April 21, 1842 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

  4. John Frederick married Esther Eleanor Hanna on March 18, 1847 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

  5. George W. Frederick married Margaret Cother on March 25, 1849 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

  6. Martha Frederick born 1838 in Jefferson County, Ohio married on September 24, 1857 in Jefferson County, Ohio Andrew J. Watt, born 1834. Their children were: Margaret Watt born and died young in Jefferson County, Ohio buried at Two Ridges U.P. Church Cemetery; Sarah Jane Watt born 1860 married on June 27, 1878 in Jefferson County, Ohio, Asa Jackman born April 10, 1842; Andrew Watt born 1862; William C. Watt born 1863; Mary E. Watt born 1864; and Charles Watt born October 1869.

  7. Mary Jane Frederick married Samuel F. White on November 22, 1860 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

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