of Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio

Jacob Bossert (Bossart), born February 26, 1776 in Pennsylvania. He removed from Franklin County, Pennsylvania about 1809 and settled in New Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio where he kept a store. According to Horace Mackís 1879 book, History of Columbiana County, Ohio, Bossert moved to section 3 and 10 in Salem Township and built a cabin on the middle fork of Little Beaver Creek. ďHe made a small clearing, and soon afterwards built a saw mill and made the manufacture of lumber a specialty. On this mill site Mr. Bossart built three mills at different periods; the second was destroyed by fire.Ē The section 3 property was kept by Jacob until his death and was at that time divided among his children.

Jacobís first wife was Susanna who died on August 31, 1822 in Salem Township. To them three children were born:

  1. Jonas Bossert born October 21, 1812 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.
  2. John Bossert born February 17, 1814 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.
  3. Polly Bossert born April 22, 1817 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. Polly married first Lewis Clewell and second Jonas Baker.

Jacob Bossert married second, Sarah Frederick, daughter of Conrad Frederick and Ann Brown, born February 16, 1804 probably in Pennsylvania. Jacob and Sarah married in Columbiana County, Ohio on July 13 1823. Sarah died six years later at the age of twenty five years six months, on August 16, 1829 on the farm in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. Jacob died on June 1, 1849. Jacob, Sarah, and Jacobís first wife, Susanna are all buried in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Washingtonville, Ohio. Jacob and Sarah Bossertís tombstones are located in Row 13.

Children of Jacob Bossert and Sarah Frederick:

  1. Jacob Bossert born July 26, 1824 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio died July 19, 1899 in Columbiana County, Ohio married on April 12, 1849 in Columbiana County, Ohio Susan Matzenbaugh born March 13, 1824 died January 15, 1908. Jacob Bossert was a practicing physician in Columbiana County, Ohio. He and Susan are buried in Washingtonville Cemetery, Mahoning County, Greene Township, Ohio. Their children were:

  2. Jeremiah Bossert, a farmer, born February 20, 1826 Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. Jeremiah married first Rebecca Bushong and second, in 1847, Nancy Switzer, born January 5, 1830 died April 21, 1878. Jeremiah and Nancy had:

  3. Sarah Bossert born September 7, 1828 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio married in Columbiana County, Ohio on May 27, 1847 Thomas W. Walker born 1826 in Pennsylvania. Sarah and Thomas had:

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