of Miami and Darke County, Ohio

Lewis Hess, son of William and Catherine Hess, was born in Darke County, Ohio in June 1813. On April 2, 1854 in Darke County, Ohio he married Catherine Muck, daughter of Jacob and Christianna Smith Muck of Miami County, Ohio. On the 1860 Ohio Federal Census, Lewis and his family are farming on land in Miami County, Newton Township, near his father in law, Jacob Muck. Sometime in the 1860ís, the Hess family returned to Darke County moving between Franklin and Patterson Townships.

There are few records for the Hess family. To date, no record of Lewis Hessí death has been located. Catherine Muck Hess died at the age of 72 years, 10 months on November 23, 1906. Lewis and Catherine are buried in unmarked graves in Yorkshire, Ohio.

Children of Lewis Hess and Catherine Muck:

  1. Jacob H. Hess

  2. Unknown Hess

  3. Susanna Rebecca Hess born August 9, 1857 Darke County, Ohio died February 22, 1921 Newton, Miami County, Ohio married first Unknown Nutter and second Henry R. Beeman on September 27, 1881 in Darke County, Ohio. Rebecca had two children by her first marriage: Fredonia B. born January 1878 in Ohio and Samuel Artitus born March 31, 1880 in Ohio died January 1964. These two children were adopted by Henry R. Beeman. Children of Rebecca and Henry R. Beeman:

  4. William Hess born 1860

  5. Ira Hess born December 12, 1866 Darke County, Ohio died November 4, 1920, Osgood, Ohio married Myrtle K. Harden on September 8, 1900 and had Mildred Imo Hess born July 25, 1901 in Yorkshire, Ohio and Mary Irene Hess born April 8, 1905 in Yorkshire, Ohio.

  6. IDA MAE HESS born September 22, 1868 Gettysburg, Ohio died August 26, 1959 Tiffin, Ohio married CHARLES HENRY CHRISTIAN TATE.

  7. Lewis Albert Hess born July 1870 Darke County, Ohio died October 5, 1941 Patterson Township, Darke County, Ohio.

  8. Arthur Orville Hess born 1873 died before 1920 married Anna Lamira Hooker and had Adison Leroy Hess born June 8, 1894, Yorkshire, Ohio died May 1965.

  9. Ellis E. Hess born December 5, 1874 Darke County, Ohio died March 12, 1965 Covington, Ohio married Bertha Unknown and had Velma Hess and Anna M. Hess born August 15, 1909 died July 8, 1988 married Namen E. Lanich.

  10. Unknown Hess

  11. Unknown Hess

Special thanks to Betty Smith Bowman for sharing all of her Hess research.

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