Magna Carta


The majority of the Hill Family information from England to Robert Hill, born February 5, 1758, son of William Hill and Elizabeth Johnson was given to me by two different sources: one piece of documentation was part of my grandmother’s estate and the other was sent to me by another Hill family genealogist. The two documents are similar in nature. Please remember that these are family documents and I have not verified any of the information

The residence in the county of Salop of this distinguished family can be traced to a period antecedent to the reign of Edward I, but the name was formerly spelled Hull or de la Hull (1272-1305). Signed 1215 the Magna Carta of King John.

HUGH HULL of Hull of Hull Salop, married Eleanor, daughter of co-heir of Hugh Womkeslow and was the great grandfather of:

GRIFFITH HULL who married, “temp” Henry IV, Margaret, sister of Griffith Warren of Ightfield Salop, and had a son:

HUMPHREY HILL of Bintingdale “temp” Henry V and VI, married Agnes, daughter and co-heir of John Bird and cousin and heiress of David de Malpa’s by whom he had three sons:

  1. WILLIAM HILL, his heir and of the Court of Hills Schropshire.
  2. Ralph Hill, ancestor of the Hills of Bletchley and Craig and Hills of Hawkestone.
  3. Thomas Hill, father of Rev. William Hill of Stokes and Sir Rowland Hill, Mayor of London.

WILLIAM HILL Esq., of Blore and Court of Hills, the eldest son of Humphrey Hill, married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Barker, Esq. and had two sons:

  1. Thomas Hill of Hills of Oevre (Owre).
  2. GEORGE HILL of Court of Hills.

GEORGE HILL of Court of Hills married daughter of Ralph Lingen of Ellesmore and had seven sons:

  1. Thomas Hill born about 1568, successor and heir. Married Ann, daughter of Richard Hyde.
  2. Edward Hill born 1569.
  3. ROBERT HILL born 1570. Came to Virginia 1609.
  4. Humphrey Hill born 1573.
  5. George Hill born 1574. Came to Virginia 1607.
  6. John Hill born 1576.
  7. Hugh Hill born 1577.

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