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of Pennsylvania and Stark County, Ohio

George Heiser/Hiser was born about 1775 in Pennsylvania. He is the possible son of immigrant, John Jacob Hiser, who arrived in the port of Philadelphia on October 5, 1767 on the ship, Sally. On August 21, 1796 in Reading, Pennsylvania, George married Christina Filbs, born May 10, 1779 in Pennsylvania. The family removed to Lawrence Township, Stark County, Ohio as early as 1816. George Hisor is part of the 1816 Stark County tax list and he is enumerated on the 1820 Stark County, Lawrence Township, Ohio census.

The Hiser farm was located in the southeastern quarter of section #3 and was 1/2 mile north of the town of Canal Fulton which grew up on the old Ohio Canal. In Book F, page 295 of old record books found in Summit County which are dated June 2, 1824 is George Heisser who was listed as a trustee for the Evangelical Lutheran and Evangelical Reformed Congregations in Stark County, Franklin Township, Ohio. He was an official when the church purchased lots 28 and 29 in the town of Manchester, Stark County, Ohio. At this time the town of Manchester, which is today located in Summit County, was in 1824 part of Stark County, Ohio. Interred in the churchyard cemetery is George Hiser and a number of his descendants.

On December 14, 1832, George and Christina deeded the northeast corner of their property to their son Jacob Hiser. George Hiser died on his farm in Lawrence Township, Stark County, Ohio from consumption at the age of sixty three. He is buried in Manchester Cemetery, Franklin Township, Summit County, Ohio just north of Canal Fulton. Christina Filbs Hiser died on August 28, 1856 in Stark County, Ohio at the age of eighty-six and is buried in St. Peterís Church Cemetery in Marlboro Township.

When George Heiserís estate was settled there was a payment of $11.25 by John Hoy, executor for the following charges:

In addition $6.00 was paid of D. Eisenhour for making a coffin and $2.00 to John W. Hamm for preaching funeral sermon. The original records are among the papers of George Heiserís estate, Case 480-OS (old style) filed in the Probate Court of Stark County, Canton, Ohio.

Children of George and Christina Filbs Hiser:

  1. Elizabeth Hiser born August 30, 1797 in Pennsylvania died September 18, 1863 married John Rowe. Had one known son, George Rowe born July 23, 1823 died September 24, 1897 married Susanna Unknown. Elizabeth Hiser Rowe is buried in Manchester Cemetery.

  2. John Hiser born 1799 in Pennsylvania died after 1870 married on December 9, 1821 in Stark County, Ohio Rachel Eisenhauer, daughter of Peter and Anna Eisenhauer, born August 7, 1787 died January 19, 1866. Their children were:

  3. JACOB HISER born August 27, 1804 in Pennsylvania died December 18, 1878 in Sandusky County, Ohio married CATHERINE EISENHAUER.

  4. Henry Hiser born 18906 in Canton, Ohio died May 15, 1878 in Stark County, Ohio married on January 14, 1834 Catherine Marsh born 1807. Their children were:

  5. Margaret Rebecca Hiser born May 11, 1807 in Centre County, Pennsylvania died in Peabody, Whitley County, Indiana married in 1827 Stark County Ohio Michael Stickler.

  6. George Hiser born February 2, 1809 died November 16, 1880 married on September 11, 1831 Rebecca Margaret Confer born 1806 died February 20, 1878. Their children were:

  7. Catherine Hiser married Peter Stickler on March 22, 1825.

  8. David Hiser born March 15, 1817 died February 22, 1866 married Elizabeth Reinhart born September 15, 1817 in Germany died July 4, 1898.

Thank you to Denny Hiser, Fred Kunkel, and Jerome Reynolds Calkins who have shared their Hiser research.

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