of Wood County, Ohio

Henry Hiser, son of Jacob Hiser and Catherine Eisenhauer, was born on August 30, 1828 in Stark County, Ohio. When he was about ten years old, his family removed to Freedom Township, Wood County, Ohio near the town of Pemberville. Henry Hiser continued the family tradition of farming staying in and around Wood County until he died. On October 22, 1849 he married Calista Elizabeth Calkins, daughter of A Elisha Calkins and Polly G. Fuller, also residents of Freedom Township. Calista was born on September 27, 1829 in Lysander, New York

The Hiser farm was located in section #10. Henry Hiser was counted as one of the leading citizens of Freedom Township. He was Supervisor for three years and a member of the local board of education for nine years.

According to Jerome Calkins, in his book, “The History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Calkins Family” written in 1967, the Henry Hiser family lived in various parts of Wood County--Pemberville, Bradner, and Stony Ridge. Mr. Calkins also recounts a family story regarding Henry Hiser. “Once a ghost was reported to be on the River Road south of Pemberville, Ohio. People went way around to avoid the ghost. Not Henry! He fortified his course a bit, and started south on the River Road. Soon he could see the ghost all in white. He took his black snake whip and started slashing when he came near enough. At each blow there was less ghost. Soon there was no ghost left. It was a elder berry bush in full bloom!” Perhaps Henry had the courage to fight the “ghost” because he was said to be an amateur wrestler and reputed to be an exceedingly strong man.

Jerome Calkins also writes about Calista Calkins Hiser in his genealogical book. Her story involves a roving band of Indians. “Once, when her parents had to leave her alone all day with the younger children, a band of Indians appeared at the door and demanded food. Calista had just taken several loaves of bread from the oven. She prepared a meal for the Indians. After eating heartily, they left, for the old trail without harming Calista or the other children. They also took the bread with them.”

Grandma Calista Hiser is remembered by her granddaughter, Mildred Deleta Hiser Wendt, as a very thin, tall woman who always wore long black skirts that made a swishing sound when she walked. Jerome Calkins ended his article on Calista saying, “I knew her well; but I never disobeyed her. I was too scared.”

On May 5, 1885, Henry Hiser died at the age of fifty-six in Pemberville, Ohio. Calista lived in and around the Pemberville area until the summer of 1910 at which time she went to Nevada, Iowa to live with her son, Frank. Calista died in Iowa on March 5, 1912 at the age of eighty-two. Both Henry and Calista are buried in the Eisenhour Cemetery.

Children of Henry Hiser and Calista Elizabeth Calkins:

  1. Lucinda E. Hiser born August 15, 1850 in Pemberville, Ohio died March 25, 1904 in Pemberville, Ohio and married in Pemberville, Ohio on July 1, 1870 Aaron Van Etten born December 5, 1846 Wood County, Ohio was killed by a train on February 4, 1909 in Pemberville, Ohio. Both Lucinda and Aaron are buried in the Pemberville Cemetery, Pemberville, Ohio.

  2. Sarah A. Hiser born November 3, 1851 in Pemberville, Ohio died November 7, 1853 in Pemberville, Ohio.

  3. Frank Allison Hiser born May 5, 1855 in Pemberville, Ohio died in 1938 in Grinnell, Iowa married 1876 in Bradner, Ohio Elizabeth Mathew born June 13, 1855 in Wood County, Ohio died 1937 in Grinnell, Iowa. Children of Frank and Elizabeth Hiser:
    • Floyd Hiser born 12 May 1881 Wood County, Ohio died 1935 Arnold’s Park, Iowa.
    • Bert Hiser born 1877 and died in infancy.
    • Maude Hiser born 1879 died 1882
    • George Henry Hiser born June 9, 1885 in Spencer, Iowa married June 1, 1901 Bernice Estelle Gifford born March 14, 1885, Marshalltown, Iowa died April 1, 1933, Kansas City, Kansas. They had Gertrude Estelle Hiser born July 26, 1913 and Gifford Henry Hiser born December 5, 1915. George Henry Hiser remarried Velma Lillian Bissell on September 5, 1940.

  4. George Allen Hiser born August 8, 1856 in Stony Ridge, Ohio died September 12, 1943 in Kenton, Ohio married July 3, 1881 Marie T. Wubben born march 25, 1859 in Covington, Kentucky died September 20, 1943 in Kenton, Ohio. Their children were:
    • Pearl May Hiser born December 29, 1882 Luckey, Ohio died November 5, 1964 in Richland, Washington married June 17, 1901 Edward A. Babcock born July 26, 1876 Ottawa County, Ohio died April 6, 1952 Curtice, Ohio. They had Harold Hiser Babcock and Mary Ellen Babcock who married Roy C. Hoffman.
    • Jenny Elizabeth Hiser born October 3, 1893 in Bowling Green, Ohio died January 3, 1920 in Kenton, Ohio married October 3, 1909 Frank Emmanuel Strahm born November 27, 1885 died August 26, 1959. They had Mary Elizabeth Strahm, Richard Edward Strahm, and Robert Paul Strahm.
    • Henry Bernard Hiser born March 16, 1895 in Bowling Green Ohio married July 3, 1917 Alma Lucille Bertch. They had Barbara Jane Hiser who married William L. Dippel and lived in Lakewood, Ohio and Elizabeth Ann Hiser who married Robert LeRoy Johnson and lived in Fairview Park, Ohio.

  5. Allen Theodore Hiser born March 14, 1860 Pemberville, Ohio died May 11, 1945 Cass City, Michigan married October 21, 1880 Sarah Rodintha Adams born August 5, 1859 Bellevue, Ohio died April 21, 1951 Merrill, Michigan. Their children were:
    • L.Z. Hiser born May 5, 1883 Vassar, Michigan died May 31, 1958 Gladwin, Michigan married March 15, 1905 Florence Webster born May 26, 1877 Tuscola County, Michigan died July 10, 1935 Gladwin, Michigan. They had Isola Pauline Hiser.
    • Henry Lynn Hiser born July 12, 1885 Vassar, Michigan married June 19, 1907 Ruth Hazel Green born February 28, 1890 Bay City, Michigan. They had Delores Lucille Hiser, Irma Kathryn Hiser, Rex Harvey Hiser, Pauline Ruth Hiser, Wanda Maxine Hiser, Lynn Raymond Hiser, and Jack Ronald Hiser.
    • Calista Rebecca Hiser born January 22, 1887 Tuscola County, Michigan married January 20, 1907 Dundas Maxwell Wiles born May 11, 1881 Bay City, Michigan. They had Floyd Otto Wiles.
    • Floyd Thomas Hiser born March 10, 1891 Vassar, Michigan married May 13, 1913 Mary Anna Biddle born July 13, 1892 Caro, Michigan died December 8, 1929 Cass City, Michigan. They had: Allen Thomas Hiser, Meta Arlene Hiser, Rolo Ward Hiser, Harold Hinton Hiser, Ilagene Elaine Hiser, and Norris Carylisle Hiser. Floyd Thomas married second on January 6, 1931, Mildred Biddle White born October 11, 1893. They had: Dorine Phyllis Hiser and Peggy Jane Hiser.
    • Orson Allen Hiser born December 25, 1892 Mayville, Michigan died May 28, 1959 Caro, Michigan married September 30, 1914 Pearl May Hunkins born July 20, 1896. They had: Nellie Pearl Hiser, Clayton Orson Hiser, Clenton Everett Hiser, Gertrude Camille Hiser, and Alice Fay Hiser.
    • Calvin Hiser born January 20, 1896 Mayville, Michigan married March 27, 1917 Mable Alice Launsberry born November 24, 1898. They had: L.Z. Milton Hiser, Nina Rodintha Hiser, Beatrice Evelyn Hiser, Clifton Cal Hiser, Adrian Earl Hiser, Carl Leo Hiser, and Geraldine Kay Hiser.
    • Clair Rodintha Hiser born April 29, 1902 Novesta, Michigan married December 30, 1920 Charles Sidney Wickware born March 14, 1900 Caro, Michigan. They had Sara Mae Clis Wickware and Bruce Dolos Wickware.

  6. Herbert Hiser born December 25, 1861 in Pemberville, Ohio died June 27, 1863 in Pemberville, Ohio.

  7. Adrian Alonzo Hiser born September 2, 1867 Pemberville, Ohio died February 29, 1940 Bradner, Ohio married September 19, 1888 Mary Mable Hopper born August 16, 1865 Wood County, Ohio died December 5, 1925 Bradner, Ohio. Adrian ran a greenhouse for many years in Bradner. Their children were:
    • Claude Monroe Hiser born December 13, 1889 Pemberville, Ohio married January 13, 1917 Helen Matilda Ostrander born October 7, 1895 Wayne, Ohio. Their children were: Jack Newton Hiser, Betty Jo Hiser, Robert Allen Hiser, Patricia Jean Hiser, and Paul Monroe Hiser.
    • Maude Ethel Hiser born August 9, 1891 Bradner, Ohio married March 10, 1917 Alvin David Keller born May 3, 1894 Perrysburg, Ohio died July 21, 1964 Toledo, Ohio. Their children were: Virginia Lee Keller, Grace Louise Keller, Earl Frederick Keller, and Merl Gene Keller.
    • Ralph Allen Hiser born October 28, 1900 Bradner, Ohio married December 16, 1922 Loleta Beth Shreffler born September 13, 1904 East Sandy, Pennsylvania. Their children were: Elwin LeRoy Hiser, Vernon Eugene Hiser, Glenn Allen Hiser, and Phyllis Joan Hiser.

  8. QUINCY LARUE HISER born August 17, 1869 in Stony Ridge, Ohio died December 24, 1924 in Pond Creek, Oklahoma married first on August 3, 1890, Florence Brown and had Leona Florence Hiser born March 25, 1892. Florence's death on April 26, 1892 was caused by complications due to child birth. Leona Florence Hiser married on January 1, 1908 in Tiffin, Ohio Andrew G. Nighswander and died on April 17, 1960 in Denver, Colorado. Their children were:
    • Violet Fern Nighswander born in 1909 in Tiffin, Ohio died April 24, 1986 in Denver, Colorado married on January 15, 1925 Arthur E. Wymer.
    • Kenneth Lavaugh Nighswander born November 2, 1911 in Tiffin, Ohio died January 22, 1964 in Toledo, Ohio married on August 10, 1936 Mildren Ethyl Taylor.
    • Leona Nighswander born September 28, 1913 in Lorain, Ohio died October 9, 1935 in Toledo, Ohio married Michael Maciejewski.
    • Larue Darlington Nighswander born November 2, 1914 in Helena, Ohio died January 31, 1915 in Helena, Ohio.
    • Clayton E. Nighswander born October 23, 1915 in Lorain, Ohio died January 14, 1972 in Wenatchee, Washington married on August 9, 1935 Nedra Kuppe.
    • Clinton Nighswander born February, 1918.
    Quincy married second ISABELLE SMITH.

Thank you to Mildred Deleta Hiser Wendt for sharing the memories of her Grandmother Hiser and to Denny Hiser, Jerome Reynolds Calkins, and Fred Kunkel who have shared their Hiser research. Also, to Violet Hogan, a descendant of Leona Florence Hiser who has researched the Quincy Hiser-Florence Brown branch of the family.

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