of Germany and Lorain, Ohio

Very little is known about the Kroll family. Christian Gustav Kroll and Christina Schantz were both born in Germany, married, and raised a family. To date only two of their children are known because they both immigrated to the United States and settled in Lorain, Ohio. Known Children of Christian Gustav Kroll and Christina Schantz

  1. Christian Kroll, born October 12, 1852 in West Prussia, Germany, died January 10, 1927 in Lorain, Ohio married Anna M. Unknown.
  2. IDA C. KROLL, born June 26, 1859 in Germany, died February 19, 1930 in Lorain, Ohio, married JULIUS MARTIN KUTZA about 1876.

I have been told by James L. Bardonner, grandson of Julius and Ida Kroll Kutza, that his grandmother had “Kroll” cousins living in the Lorain, Ohio area in the early 1900’s. He can remember attending an “Old Kroll” family reunion when he was about 6-12 years old. Names that he can remember are: Carl Hillman, Ed Augustine, Unknown Grendow.

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