Kerry Rainbow


of Columbiana County, Ohio

The first known Orr ancestor is Joseph, born in Ireland on December 15, 1788. His wife, Jane, was born on January 14, 1794. To date, little is known about the family before they removed to Columbiana County, Ohio about 1813 only that they were in Pennsylvania before they settled in Lisbon, Ohio. Joseph and Jane raised a family of twelve children. He is listed as one of the early tailors in Lisbon and is enumerated on the census of 1820 as engaged in manufacture. By 1828 he is listed as a householder on Section #31 in Elkrun Township in Columbiana County. Joseph farmed and ran a hotel on his property. In 1831, Joseph was elected to the post of township trustee in Elkrun. He held the post for one year. On December 28, 1847, Jane Orr died in Elkrun.

Two years later, on July 5, 1849, Joseph married Elizabeth Bowman. The marriage ended in divorce in June, 1850 with Joseph suing her for fraud. She was awarded $100.00 in alimony. Joseph married for a third time on August 27, 1850. His wife, Elizabeth Cushman sued him for divorce in September, 1857 on grounds of extreme cruelty. Joseph died one month later, on October 26, 1857, in Elkrun Township.

Both Joseph and Jane are buried in the Carlisle Cemetery in Elkrun Township near their property. Other Orr family members who are buried under a spreading old tree in the “Orr row” are:

  1. William Morlan Orr, a son of Joseph and Jane Orr.
  2. Mary A. Orr, a daughter of William Morlan Orr and Nancy Cannon.
  3. Franklin Orr, a son of Joseph and Jane Orr
  4. Joseph Orr, the son of James and Nancy Frederick Orr, grandson of Joseph and Jane Orr.
  5. Benjamin Orr, the son of James and Nancy Frederick Orr, grandson of Joseph and Jane Orr.

Joseph and Benjamin Orr died in Columbiana County following discharge from Co. F 76th OVI during the Civil War. Both boys may have been engaged in the Siege of Vicksburg, were injured, and sent home where they died.

The children of Joseph and Jane Orr:

  1. James John Orr, born August 25, 1812 in Pennsylvania, died September 21, 1885 in Columbiana County, Ohio married Nancy Florence Frederick on June 27, 1839.
  2. WILLIAM MORLAN ORR, born April 28, 1813 in Ohio, died February 11, 1849 in Elkrun Township, Columbiana County, Ohio married NANCY CANNON on October 15, 1835.
  3. Thomas Jefferson Orr, born April 25, 1815 in Ohio.
  4. Margaret Anne Orr, born January 20, 1817 in Ohio, died July 22, 1852, married Samuel Ramsey on October 28, 1836.
  5. John Butler Orr, born on January 25, 1819 in Ohio, died 1897, married Mary Jane Frederick on December 17, 1846.
  6. Joseph Milton Orr, born March 20, 1822 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  7. Henry Orr, born November 29, 1824 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  8. Elizabeth Jane Orr, born August 22, 1826 in Columbiana County, Ohio married William P. Ellison on May 22, 1851 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  9. George Washington Orr, born June 26, 1828 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  10. Martha Caroline Orr, born April 12, 1831 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  11. Mary Elenor Orr, born June 12, 1834 in Columbiana County, Ohio married Benjamin D. Fisher on November 9, 1853 in Columbiana County, Ohio.
  12. Franklin Orr, born March 16, 1837 in Columbiana County, Ohio, died August 16, 1839 in Columbiana County, Ohio.

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