of Germany,Pennsylvania, and Ohio

According to genealogical research done by Fred Kunkel which was printed on September 3, 1991, the Hiser’s are related to President Dwight David Eisenhower through the marriage of Jacob Hiser and Catherine Eisenhour/Eisenhauer marriage in Stark County, Ohio on October 8, 1825. Catherine Eisenhour Hiser and Dwight David Eisenhower both descend from a common ancestor Johann (Hans) Nicholas Eisenhauer.


Johann Nicolas Eisenhauer was born about 1630 in Eiterbach, Rhenish Palatinate, Germany


Johann (Hans) Friedrich Eisenhauer, son of Johann Nicholas Eisenhauer, was born 1659-1660 died February 28, 1729 in Karlsbrunn, Germany. Hans Friedrich married Anna Breckenbach Brand who died in 1677 and Anna Catarina Mildenberger.


Johann (Hans) Nicolaus Eisenhauer, son of Johann Friedrich Eisenhauer and Anna Catarina Mildenberger, was born about 1691 in Forbach, France and died after 1760 in Pennsylvania. He married before 1722 in Karlsbrunn, Germany, Anna Margaretha Strubel who was born in Forbach, France and died in Pennsylvania. Nine children were born to Hans Nicholaus and Anna Margaretha in Karlsbrunn, Germany between 1725 and 1739. Four of those children died in Karlsbrunn. Johann Nicholaus Eisenhauer immigrated to America on the ship “Europa” with his son Peter. The family settled in Pennsylvania. Known children were:

  1. Johannetta Margaretha Eisenhauer
  2. Johann Peter Eisenhauer


Johann Peter Eisenhauer, son of Johann Nicholaus Eisenhauer and Anna Margaretha Strubel, was born on March 15, 1722 in Forbach, France. He married three times:

  1. Elizabeth Graff in 1744--THE HISER CONNECTION
  2. Maria Elizabeth Schmidt on August 21, 1770
  3. Ann Dissinger on January 29, 1777--President Dwight David Eisenhower’s connection

The line for Dwight David Eisenhower descends from the marriage between Johann Peter Eisenhauer and Ann Dissinger. The line for Catherine Eisenhour/Eisenhauer Hiser descends from marriage between Johann Peter Eisenhauer and Elizabeth Graff. The chart now follows the Eisenhauer/Graff descendancy.


Peter Eisenhauer II, son of Johann Peter Eisenhauer and Elizabeth Graff, was born on September 6, 1745 he married Ann Maria Fisher.


Peter Eisenhauer III, son of Peter Eisenhauer II and Ann Maria Fisher, was born in 1772 in Pennsylvania. He married Anna Margaret Early (O’Early) in Pennsylvania. Sometime after 1810 the Eisenhauer family removed to Stark County, Ohio. There Peter farmed and he and Anna raised nine children. The Eisenhauer/Eisenhour and Hiser families seemed to be intertwined. Two daughters married Hiser boys. Peter sold 26 acres of land in Franklin Township, Stark County, Ohio on October 20, 1828 to John Heiser. An Eisenhauer made the coffin for George Heiser. It seems that the Eisenhauer’s removed to Freedom Township, Wood County, Ohio when Jacob and John Hiser settled there. Listed in the Historical Record of Wood County, Ohio: Freedom Township is, “Men of 1839 that were aged twenty-one years and over....Peter Eisenhaur, Peter Eisenhaur, Jr., John Eisenhaur, Thomas Eisenhaur....” The township was established on December 1, 1834 and Eisenhaur’s served as township trustees throughout the 1800’s. Peter Eisenhour died in Freedom Township, Wood County, Ohio on September 12, 1841. He is buried in the Eisenhour Cemetery which is immediately east of the old Jacob Hiser farm and south of the John Hiser farm.

Children of Peter Eisenhauer and Anna Margaret Early:

  1. Rachel Eisenhauer born on August 7, 1797 died on January 19, 1866 married on December 9, 1821 John Hiser.

  2. Thomas Eisenhauer born about January, 1800 in Pennsylvania died February 15, 1847 married Jane born about October 1805 died November 22, 1882. Both are buried in the Eisenhour Cemetery, Pemberville, Ohio.

  3. CATHERINE EISENHAUER born February 15, 1808 in Pennsylvania died February 22, 1872 in Sandusky County, Ohio married on October 8, 1826 in Stark County, Ohio JACOB HISER.

  4. John Eisenhauer born April 23, 1809 in Pennsylvania married Nancy Bruce, daughter of John and Mary Bruce, born July 28, 1819 in Perry County, Ohio. Served as a justice of the peace in Freedom Township in 1842 and also on the Board of Education and a township supervisor. John died on February 13, 1877 at the age of sixty-seven and Nancy followed two months later on April 17, 1877. Both are buried in the Eisenhour Cemetery, Pemberville, Ohio. John and Nancy had four children:
    • Mariam Eisenhauer
    • Lovina Eisenhauer
    • Jemima Eisenhauer
    • Catharine Eisenhauer

  5. Elizabeth Eisenhauer

  6. Sophia Eisenhauer

  7. Rebecca Eisenhauer

  8. Peter Eisenhauer served as a Freedom Township trustee from 1840-1846.

  9. Matilda Eisenhauer

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