Quincy LeRue Hiser and Isabelle Smith Hiser


of Wood, Sandusky, Lorain, and Seneca County, Ohio

Quincy Larue Hiser, son of Henry Hiser and Calista Calkins, was born on August 17, 1869 in Stony Ridge, Wood County, Ohio. On June 21, 1894 in Bradner, Ohio he married his second wife, Isabelle (Isabella, Belle) Smith, daughter of Orison Smith and Drusilla Knapp. The marriage ceremony was performed by O.A. Diver, justice of the peace. Isabelle was born on September 26, 1875 in Fremont, Ohio. Unfortunately, very little personal history has been passed down through the family regarding Quincy. He seems to be a man of mystery!

Jerome Calkins wrote, in a letter to Clarence Hiser in 1970, the following remembrances of Quincy Larue Hiser as a teen and young man. “Adrian and Quincy often came to our house when I was a boy. Adrian was a fine dresser and very careful about his clothes and appearance. Quincy was not so fussy. He was always neat and clean. Aunt Calista would see to that. Quincy was built like his father (Henry Hiser)--shorter and stouter, but not fat. Quincy had a way with girls. They all liked him. He was happy-go-lucky and the life of the party. My mother had two younger sisters near Quincy’s age. One of them used to go to dances with Quincy. Quincy always had plenty of company.”

“I must tell you one anecdote. About the first day of July 1893, my Uncle Perry Calkins’ wife passed away. He was a first cousin of Quincy. Many people gathered at Stony Ridge for the funeral; many at our house. Being near the 4th of July, firecrackers were plentiful and cheap. It was hot in the evening and we sat in the backyard. People were visiting and now and then shooting a firecracker. Soon several ladies were seen coming up the walk leading to the lower part of the lot. They thought in the semi-darkness that it was my father’s sister, also a first cousin of Quincy. Someone suggested that they scare Minnie, my aunt, by tossing a firecracker near her; but the firecracker bounced under the long dress of Quincy’s wife (since Quincy was not married at this time, it is hard to say who the woman was)and exploded. It was a very small firecracker and really did no harm; but scared the lady into hysterics. No more firecrackers that evening. I have heard that Quincy’s father’s belt was 65 inches long.”

Census and birth records show that Quincy and Isabelle moved frequently during their marriage. Children were born in Lucas, Wood, and Seneca Counties. In addition to the children that Quincy and Isabelle had together, they also raised Leona Florence Hiser, the only child of Quincy's first marriage to Florence Brown. In 1920 Quincy and family were living in Columbia Township, Lorain County, Ohio. He was working at that time as a machinist and his son, Orison, is listed as a blacksmith. There is a boarder in the home--William A. Nanch (Nance) who later marries Quincy’s wife!

Mildred Deleta Hiser Wendt, youngest daughter of Quincy and Isabelle, had very few memories of her father. She told me that there were no photographs of him (this has proven untrue as Mildred gave a photograph of Quincy to Violet Hogan about 15-20 years ago) and that she was a teenager when she last saw him. According to Mildred, Quincy worked a variety of jobs--in some capacity with Tiffin Glass Company, lumbering in Michigan, as a machinist, and finally as a stationery engineer traveling out west with his son, Morris (Maurice).

Quincy and Isabelle must have divorced as she married William A. Nance on May 26, 1924 seven months before Quincy’s death. William and Isabelle did not have any children. The Nance’s made their home in Tiffin, Ohio. Following William’s death on February 22, 1952, Isabelle moved to Midland, Michigan to live with her daughter, Mildred Hiser Wendt. From an article printed in the Midland Daily News on March 1, 1957, we can glean something about Isabelle’s character. “Mrs. Isabella Nance is a cordial 81 year old woman ....a possessor of that much desired gift of perennial youth.” The article goes on to state that she is known for her excellent needlecraft and unfailing friendliness. “Mrs. Nance is courtesy itself.....Her enjoyment of life and her natural warmth are exhilarating. Mrs. Nance conveys the impression that her design for healthy living would be an excellent pattern for all to follow: ‘Always return good for evil.’”

Quincy Larue Hiser died of a hemorrhage caused by typhoid fever in Pond Creek, Oklahoma at the Elm Hotel on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1924. He was buried on December 26, 1924 in the Pond Creek Cemetery. Isabelle Smith Hiser Nance died on November 14, 1962 in Midland, Michigan and is buried beside her second husband, William A. Nance and her son, Orison Henry Hiser at Fairmont Cemetery Memorial Park in Tiffin, Ohio.

Children of Quincy Larue Hiser and Isabelle Smith:

  1. Wanda E. Hiser born February 19, 1895 died April 12, 1895.
  2. ORISON HENRY HISER born February 29, 1896 in Pemberville, Ohio died April 5, 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio married EVA MATILDA FARSCHMAN.
  3. Harry Larue Hiser born July 27, 1898 died October 29, 1898.
  4. Leo Westly Hiser born August 21, 1899 died January 11, 1900.
  5. Maurice Darlington Hiser born July 28, 1901 in Toledo, Ohio died November 20, 1953 in Toledo, Ohio married Clara Anna Schon.
  6. Quincy Larue Hiser, Jr. born October 3, 1903 in Toledo, Ohio died April 1980 in Seneca County, Ohio married on December 22, 1952 in Tiffin, Ohio Lucille Presler Smith born March 5, 1912 in Springville, Ohio.
  7. Mildred Deleta Hiser born February 4, 1906 in Bettsville, Ohio died November 1995 in Midland, Michigan married Lester C. Carstenson on March 4, 1930 and Henry A.H. Wendt on June 5, 1937.

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  1. Quincy LaRue Hiser calipers.

Copy of Quincy LeRue Hiser's death certificate.

Copy of a newspaper article featuring Isabelle Smith Hiser Nance.

Thank you to Mildred Deleta Hiser Wendt for sharing her family memories and Jerome Reynolds Calkins for his Hiser research. Also to Violet Hogan for her research into the descendants of Leona Florence Hiser Nighswander.

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